Floral Print Summer Fashion Trends for Kids

How to Use Headbands

Headbands, Baby Girl Bows, and flower crowns are great to spruce up an outfit. Baby Girl Bows add an unexpected element to your baby’s outfit which looks especially pretty with a neutral-colored dress. If you don’t want to use Baby Girl Bows you can also add a splash of floral by draping it over a dress in the form of a summer scarf. It’s just a subtle pop, but it’ll add a good amount of color and pattern and make your toddler look very stylish.

Floral prints come naturally for most people. Many people love flowery prints, love to wear, them, love to dress their kids in them, and love to buy flower printed accessories as well. Because of the ease of flowery prints, lots of people think that they wouldn’t need tips on how to style a floral pattern.

But florals are a summer staple, and after a while, they can feel a little too tried and true and could get boring. You seem to end up wearing the same old floral dresses, the same rose print skirts, the same black, grunge skater dresses. The print turns into a summer uniform, and like with all ruts, after some time you crave to break free. And this is even truer when you’re styling your kids.

But on the flip side, florals are really a fun print to style so it doesn’t take more to get your groove back if you’ve gotten in a print rot. They come in all sorts of colors and variations and are especially interesting when clashed with another print in the outfit like stripes or polka dots.

While you’re finding new and improved ways to style your prints you need to get creative and find new ways to wear the traditional pattern, by either honing in on bright new colors, juxtaposing it against unexpected textures or using it in creative accessories. Below are some of the ways you can style yourself or your baby/toddler in prints

Mix Prints with Texture

Make your floral prints exciting again by breaking them out of their usual rut and focusing on matching them with new textures. Do you have floral pants? Pair them with a crochet top or lace blouse and if it’s the winter match it with a fur coat and fur hat.

The new textures will make it feel like you’re playing with a brand new piece because each combo will make a radically different style statement. Wear the print in the form of lace cutouts, adding texture and a playful touch to your kid’s outfit. And your kid will always look good in a soft and elegant look.

Use New Colors

If you’re getting bored of your floral prints in your closet, shake things up by choosing the pattern in a bold new color palette. Instead of going for the delicate white patterns or dark green tropical prints, aim for a bright, candy-color hue. It gives the pattern a fresh pop and adds some major personality to your kids look.

Pants or Tights

Maybe the issue isn’t that you’re bored with flower prints; maybe you’re just bored with wearing flower print dresses and rompers. Try branching the pattern out to different styles of clothing, like cigarette pants or tights for toddlers that come in a variety of flowery prints. Tights are a wardrobe staple. If when you see tights you immediately think of the conventional black or transparent tights then you are about to be shocked.

There is a whole new world of tights that have taken over. In children’s clothing, the options are wide spreading with lots of variety. Tights have the ability to elevate an outfit without much effort. Babies need to wear tights most of the time anyway but now they get to show some spunk and style with it. Tights are available in animal prints, flower prints, embroidery, bedazzled, lace, 3D designs, and many many colors.


Belts usually go unnoticed and so not much thought is put into it as most of the time it’s more of a necessity than an accessory. You can, however, use belts to your advantage by using them to add a touch of flowery prints. Having a bright colored flowery belt can transform an outfit and it goes well for girls. Tights perform the same role but offer even more variety and styling options.

Backpacks and Fanny Packs

The beauty of a backpack is that no matter how much of an accessory they are they will always have their functionality. Backpacks are a popular and very useful staple accessory to the adult community but it all started with kids. Backpacks have had a circle of fashion lifespan in that kids started using backpacks for school supplies.


Backpacks are now available in smaller sizes made in bold colors, prints or customized with cartoon characters. Adding a flowery backpack will add a bit of spunk to your kid’s outfit. to an otherwise plain outfit of say a jean and t-shirt takes your kids style up a couple of notches.

Kids also get excited about this and bonus point, they can carry around their own stuff. Backpacks have been known to be a staple for school but that’s changing as there are more and more options available that gear towards it being an accessory. Fanny packs are all the rave now in the fashion industry and kids do not want to be left out.

After certain celebrities showed up with fanny packs strapped to their waists everyone wants to get in on the action. Kids too.

Like headbands and tights, fanny packs come in different colors, styles, and customizable options and they can be worn by both boys and girls. They give toddlers an added spunk and make them excited about dressing up. While picking out outfits, accessorizing and styling your babies and toddlers don’t forget to let their personality shine through. Kids can be quirky so every once in awhile you can let them take the driver’s seat in choosing what they want to wear. Some kids might want to be a princess for the day and that’s ok. Let them wear a tiara, carry a cane or dress up like Spiderman. This will bring them joy and build up their confidence. Happy kids happy life.